Lawyers office
Area : over 45000 sqft (multiple Offices)
Project Year : 2004-2016
Location: New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon
Noida – Film City               - 26000 sqft
New Delhi-Kailash Colony   - 7500 sqft
Gurgaon - First India Place - 8000 sqft
New Delhi-Nizamuddin        - 5800 sqft
Law offices comprising of a comprehensive program, including offices for partners, senior lawyers, conference rooms which were named on musical terms, like symphony, harmony etc. the reception area was made very colourful with some bright walls while the upholstery was kept in subtle colours. The electrical wiring of the complex offices was done with mostly exposed conduits. This makes serviceability easy and also adds a unique aesthetic to the office.Over the last 10 years the client built three offices that have been designed by Tradition REdefinedwhich includes the following sites